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An area that brings together the best of Italian design for the hotel industry, the place where the best solutions for welcoming guests are planned and discussed.

In this edition, the Rooms project presents six concepts, inspired by the Utopia theme, which describe six ways of understanding and experiencing transformative tourism.

Six inspirations, created in the space within Pavilion D3, conceived by design studios in partnership with leading brands, to offer a glimpse into the future of the hospitality sector.

Here are the six designers:

New Seniors Design, NCB Architettura
Carlo Donati Studio
Francesca Grassi
Lorenzo Guzzini Architecture

New Seniors Design: Anna Gatti, Sung Sook Ki and NCB Architettura: Riccardo Emanuele, Samuel Balasso


New Seniors to Mars: towards a new idea of longevity

"With design becoming senior-focused, the overall offer will be redefined within a new idea of longevity, transversal and inclusive, in which “living places and experiences” is an important opportunity to regenerate, transcending the boundaries of traditional cultural and intergenerational divisions".

In collaboration with:

> Cantori 
> Karpeta 
> Texturae 
> Gessi 
> Tubes Radiatori 
> Terzi Italian Luxury Stone 
> Tagliabue Sistemi 
> Samsung 
> Starpool 
> Comfort Zone  
> Vivaio F.lli Pesaresi 
> Bordo Giardino 


Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo



"Nomade is the contemporary room, no longer just a place to spend the night away from home, but a multifunctional space in which to spend all parts of the day. Nomade is the new hotel concept, designed to accommodate customers in hybrid and modular capsules, which can be rented on a 24-hour basis or in time slots based on actual use: sleeping, working, organising meetings, resting".

In collaboration with:

> Adrenalina 
> Slalom 
> Karman 
> Mel
> OP! 
> ProjectTheSign 


Carlo Donati Studio



"The concept of the space draws on a strong vegetable matrix, a precise reference to the soft morphology of the leaf and the shape of the mushroom. Sinuous, organic lines redesign the hotel room, enveloping the guest’s body in a comfortable embrace".

In collaboration with:

> La Boutique Tempini 1921 
> Antrax  
> Gruppo Geromin - Geromin, Hafro, Sauna Vita
> Urban 
> Miloox 
> Unitech Digital Media


Francesca Grassi



" A hotel room is not a box to be filled, but an experience that lets you dream in intimate surroundings. Comfortable atmospheres are constructed with “light” materials – which organise the space – that are easy to fit into place and can be reused at the end of their cycle. They create refined, contemporary atmospheres, with moving images, and help create a world that is also somehow cinematic".

In collaboration with:

> Bencore srl 
> Luxury Carpet Studio 


Lorenzo Guzzini Architecture


The most luxury room ever

"In the future, we imagine that water will be the rarest element on Earth. It will become an element at once real and sacred. Magical, alchemical. The true luxury of being able to use it privately in a spiritual dimension. A return to our origins, to matter, to truth, to the essence of living, to eliminating the superfluous and giving meaning to the real things in life, as opposed to the virtual that have contaminated our everyday existence".

In collaboration with:

> Made a Mano 
> Eterno Ivica 
> EgoLuce 




"Vision-air is an immersive experience designed to represent the concept of utopia in terms of openness, transformation and transparency. Upon entering the space, visitors encounter a series of iridescent glass panels that evoke an ethereal quality, whose changing colors lend a sense of lightness and dynamism."

In collaboration with:

> Ing. Alessandro Ricci 
> Mapesystem 
> Microchaos 
> Pura Luce 
> Jump  

In collaboration with:

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