Special projects

This is a contract museum exhibition organised by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero on the occasion of SIA Hospitality Design 2023.

Designed by: Simone Micheli

Visual design by: Roberta Colla

An extremely scenic and engaging layout tells a visual and functional story linked to a small section of a Hotel.

Five macro-frames define particular areas conceived to enhance the products designed by architect Simone Micheli and interesting materials and systems connected to the contract sector.

A hybrid, contaminating and contaminated space, completely black and white, represents an iconic platform within which to give value to new thoughts for the near future of the world of hospitality.

Through their essence, the products and materials within the installation celebrate technological innovation, evolution in content and renewed reciprocity between man and space. Visitors will be able to move freely in a dimension that simulates a hotel experience filled with content and unique forms of expression.

The installation will feature an interactive lounge where thoughts and contract projects can be shared, showing visitors how successful hospitality structures can be created through the construction of iconic and distinctive intellectual pathways.

The installation in the interactive lounge will be brought to life by a number of high-profile contributions.

Various architects and business people will be talking to Simone Micheli on the lounge stage: Giancarlo Marzorati, Giampiero Peia, Roberto Semprini and other high-profile professionals will be present over the days of the show.

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